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Productive Conflict – Revenge

Reading through the Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Reference Guide, revenge is a common component of conflict. This is what it says:

“Revenge in the workplace is usually fairly subtle, but we do it to restore justice and/or reassert ourselves. And even though taking revenge is technically an external action, it’s usually the end result of some pretty deep internal rumination. We stew over being hurt or mistreated, and fantasizing about getting even can feel good – even if we don’t like to admit it. Of course, acting on those fantasies takes things to a whole different level. Most of us recognize that overt revenge won’t be tolerated, but this still leaves plenty of creative, backhanded, and petty ways to inflict damage on someone. Ask yourself: Is all the time I spend dwelling on payback actually hurting me more than the other person?”

Forgive and forget they say! Easier said than done, especially when the hurtful issue has been burning in our mind and heart. This is precisely why it is important to address conflict, uncomfortable as it may be, as soon as possible. It doesn’t just magically go away. Revenge actions, also termed retaliation, can start off small but they can be felt largely and escalate to greater and greater mistreatments. No matter if this revenge is happening in the workplace or personally, it is a waste of precious time, stunts progress, and produces a demoralizing atmosphere. If you see this happening around you, step up and put an end to it.

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