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Happy client of HR Solutions

“Deborah Jenkins' HR knowledge has been vital to me and has helped me to understand and apply best practices when dealing with compliance of labor laws and other HR tasks. I appreciate her willingness to research the latest HR issues, build training courses and present in an engaging, interactive style. Her expertise helps businesses avoid expensive and time-consuming employment law mistakes, retention and teamwork failures.”

- Kari Woods, Program Specialist/Montana Registered Apprenticeship


"Great review in a systematic way that was easy to follow and provided actionable items.  Thanks!" 

- Shannon M. GFC-MSU

What I liked the most about the training presentation was "the personal stories that went with the topics",  "real life examples", "speaker is very relatable", "the demonstrations and exercises in addition to repeating ideas", "very educational", "Deborah's awesome", "the structure was well defined", "the subject matter was well presented", "the tone was low key; not demanding", and "good interactions with group."  - staff members of Tucson, AZ Public Works