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everything disc solutions sample of diverse personalities
Deborah Jenkins, HR Solutions owner and everything DiSC authorized partner and certified trainer with group of peers from everything disc training.


Making Better Connections

If only all people thought the same way!  Everyone's personalities and preferences are as unique as their finger prints.  Let us help you create better connections between your people for healthier and more productive relations.  As an Authorized Partner and Trainer with EVERYTHING DiSC®, a Wiley Brand, we can incorporate the plethora of tools through EVERYTHING DiSC® into a training or coaching event suited to your needs. Contact us today to learn more about these customized solutions.

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Agile EQ 

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Shadow on Concrete Wall

Last year, I participated in the DISC - Agile EQ. This assessment really opened my thinking and my interactions with others. (Dot placement really does matter!) I highly recommend HR Solutions, LLC for training, infrastructure and assessments.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

What I liked most [about Everything DiSC] was learning about others.  What I liked least was learning the challenges about me.  :/  It was great learning how to work with others.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

[Everything DiSC] is an excellent way to learn about coworkers interaction.

[Everything DiSC training] was super helpful!  EVERY workplace should utilize this information.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

I was skeptical [about Everything DiSC] but am really glad we did this.

Very good information.  Accurate information helpful on other personality types.

Tracy H.

MaryKay B.

Michael S.

Andrea F.


Kellie A.