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HR Solutions Training and Development Services provided to staff and leadership that includes inperson, webinar, and elearning courses for compliance and soft skill topics.

Training and Development Growing your Team

Looking to develop your workforce and leadership team but not sure where to turn?  We are here to help you.  Whether you need leadership development, company-wide compliance training, soft skills development, team building events, or motivational speaking engagements,  all presentations are customized for your specific objectives and outcome needs, designed for an audience of any size, entertaining and dynamic, and developed to satisfy your time line.  If needed, our educational course content qualifies for continued education units (CEU's).  


As an Authorized Everything DiSC® Partner and Trainer, we also can incorporate these valuable assessment tools for a perfect combination of individualized, relatable, and insightful content resulting in a positive and lasting impact.

To meet your needs, we offer three means for trainings:

1.  In-Person Training.  Instructor-led sessions provided at your business location or public venue.​

2. Live Webinar Training.  Live instructor-led with participant interaction & PowerPoint visual aides.

3.  E-Learning Courses.  Convenient, Comprehensive, and Conversational video series. 

  • Convenient:  Access your on-demand courses anytime, anywhere, with a computer, tablet or smartphone, and at your time and pace.

  • Comprehensive:  Videos, quizzes, and downloadable resources with interactive content designed for a proven learning experience.  Each course includes a follow-up quiz and participants receive a Certificate of Completion.  

  • Conversational:  Courses are delivered by corporate professionals with real world experience to incorporate in the discussions.  No actors reading off of scripts here.

    • View our short e-learning course program introduction video here.

    • To register:  Click on the 'Purchase' link below the topic of your choice.


Revisit our website regularly to see the new e-learning courses as development is ongoing, and contact us to subscribe to our HRS Tidbits emails with announcements.


The following is a list of current training topics in our library for your consideration.  Click on the title to learn more about the content of each specialized training.  Contact us to discuss topics not listed.  


Training and Development Topic Menu:​​  (Updated 4/2024)

  1. Accountability and Transparency - The Glue that Ties Commitment to Results

  2. Business Ethics – Professionalism 101

  3. Change Management – Change ISN'T a 4 Letter Word

  4. Communication Skills - Impactful Vocal, Written, and Body Language

  5. Conflict Resolution in the Workplace – Prevent, De-escalate, and Resolve

  6. Corporate Culture - Creating a Positive and Mindful Workplace Culture

  7. Critical Thinking Skills – Engaging the Brain

  8. Difficult Conversations - Keeping the Desired Outcome in Mind **NEW '24**

    • Download the Descriptive Course Narrative Here

  9. Disabilities at Work - Going Beyond the ADA ** NEW '24**

    • Download the Descriptive Course Narrative Here

  10. DiSC® Overview- What's all the Buzz About?

  11. DiSC® Agile EQ – Flexibility is Key

  12. DiSC® Management – Balance Your Team with Diverse Strengths

  13. DiSC® Productive Conflict – Engage Conversation for Results

  14. DiSC® Sales – Meet Your Customers Where They are at

  15. DiSC® Work of Leaders – Developing Your Leadership Style

  16. DiSC® Workplace® – Working Better Together

  17. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace – Celebrating Uniqueness

  18. Diversity:  4 General Types of People - Managing Diverse Personalities

  19. Employee Relations - Cultivating Healthy Interactions

  20. Goalsetting Success - by "Moving the Chains" **NEW '24**

    • Download the Descriptive Course Narrative Here

  21. Harassment in the Workplace  Pt 1:  Sexual Prevent Crossing that Line

  22. Harassments in the Workplace Pt 2:  Discrimination  What Compliance Looks Like

  23. Harassment in the Workplace Pt 3:  Bullying - Ugly Monsters Amongst Us **NEW '24**

  24. HR 101   - Basics for New Human Resources Professionals 

  25. HR Recordkeeping Pt 1:  Employee Individual Files - Content, Access, and Retention

  26. HR Recordkeeping Pt 2:  HR Batch Files - Does the Paperwork Ever End?

  27. Leading by Example – Mindful Leadership by Walking the Talk

  28. Leading with Courage over Comfort - Being Daring and Vulnerable **NEW '24**

    • Download the Descriptive Course Narrative Here

  29. Leading with PEKs – 3 Key Elements for Successful Impact **NEW '24**

  30. Managing Your Employees - From Stress to Success **NEW '24**

    • Download the Descriptive Course Narrative Here

  31. Motivating Your Team - Using the BRUHA Approach **NEW '24**

    • Download the Descriptive Course Narrative Here

  32. Multi-Generational Workforce-Uniting the Generations

  33. Organizational and Employee Development – Looking to the Future

  34. Performance Improvement Plans - What Makes an Effective PIP **NEW '24**

    • Download the Descriptive Course Narrative Here

  35. Performance Reviews - Essentials of Conversations, Feedback, and Goal Setting 

  36. Project Managment - Following the 7 P's **NEW '24**

    • Download the Descriptive Course Narrative Here

  37. Public Speaking Skills for the Workplace – Say it Out Loud

  38. Rookie Supervisor Bootcamp – Operation S.T.A.R.T.  !!!MOST POPULAR!!!

    • Download the Descriptive Course Narrative Here

    • Purchase this e-learning course here​

      • Primary Intended Audience:  New Supervisors  ​

      • Duration:  45 minutes

      • Workbook Options:  For an even more comprehensive learning experience, this course includes a complimentary Digital 35-page companion workbook as well as a discount towards the purchase of a hardcopy workbook, upon course purchase.  

      • To purchase the digital or hardcopy workbook independent of this course, click here.

  39. Staffing Strategies 1:  Hiring Process – Recruit, Interview, and Hire Successfully **NEW '24**

    • Download the Descriptive Course Narrative Here

  40. Staffing Strategies 2:  Onboarding Process - The Importance of Standarization **NEW '24**

    • Download the Descriptive Course Narrative Here

  41. Staffing Strategies 3:  Employee Retention - Keep Your Greatest Assets **NEW '24**

    • Download the Descriptive Course Narrative Here

  42. Staffing Strategies 4:  Succession Planning - Avoid the "Single Point of Failure" **NEW '24**

    • Download the Descriptive Course Narrative Here

  43. Staffing Strategies 5:  Offboarding Process - Handling Resignations or Terminations **NEW '24**

    • Download the Descriptive Course Narrative Here

  44. Team Building – Strengthen the Chain

  45. Time Management – It’s all about Forethought, Preparation, and Practice **NEW '24**

  46. Wage and Labor Laws - Overview of Essentials

  47. Workplace Professionalism Series - The Essentials for Smooth Operations

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