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Our History


HR Solutions, LLC (HRS) was established in 2013 with the mission in mind: to make the work world more harmonious, enjoyable, and productive.  HRS assists organizations with services to define, align, and sustain their desired corporate culture through leadership development, workforce training, human resource management consulting, and speaking engagements.  Our  customized, unique and relevant services produce positive and lasting results. HRS helps entrepreneurial organizations of any size or industry to leverage their corporate culture advancement through development of their leadership and human capital assets.  We welcome the opportunity to assist your organization with our fresh eyes, open-minds, and creativity.

Core Values:  Respect, Honesty, Integrity, Inclusion, and Empathy

Mission Statement:  HRS exists to help business leaders navigate through their workforce challenges.

Vision Statement:  The vision for HRS is that everyone's individual growth and development, workplace relations, and team collaborations continually progress to achieve enjoyable, successful, and profitable results. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Commitment Statement:  Celebrating Diversity! Because We are All so Beautifully Unique!

Our DEI commitment:

· Fosters a welcoming, supportive, and respectful culture.

· Empowers our people and business partners to be their authentic best selves.

· Inspires creativity, innovation, and PEKs.

· Empowers us to compliment, educate, and inspire each other.

· Is in direct alignment with our Mission, Vision, and Values.

· Is reflected in all services that we provide.

With our values, mission, vision, and DEI commitment in mind, our goal is to continually grow and evolve our services to meet your immediate needs.  Through relevant, reliable, and current research, we design, develop and update content for our diverse training solutions and services.

Current and Past Highlighted Contracts, Events, and Projects

South Dakota National Guard

  • 2-day Leadership Training 

  • Dates:  December 2022

JEC - Joint Engineers Conference

  • Concurrent Session Speaker

  • Dates:  November 2022

Carnival Cruise Lines

  • Virtual Workforce Training

  • Dates October and November 2022

Northern Cheyenne Tribal Housing Authority

  • Leadership Training Workshop

  • Dates:  May 2022


Montana SHRM - Society for Human Resource Management

  • Annual Conference

  • Early Bird Session

  • Dates:  May 2022

MECA - Montana Electrical Cooperative's Association

  • Annual Human Resource Professionals Conference

  • Keynote Speaker and General Sessions

  • Dates:  September 2021​

MNA - Montana Nonprofit Association

  • Annual Conference

  • General Session and Coffee Talk

  • Dates:  September 2021

Tucson, AZ Public Works

  • Workforce Training

  • Dates:  July 2021

Hawaii Department of Education

Professional Development Training and Development

  • Web-based and face-to-face training

  • Customer Service, Communication Skills, and Leadership Skills

  • RFP: P21001190

  • Commodity Code:  611430

  • Award Date:  July 2021


City of Tucson, AZ

Employee and Leadership Development

  • Standard Seminars for Leadership, Management, & Supervision

  • Keynote Speaking

  • Custom Facilitation, Coaching & Strategic Planning

  • Custom Coursework

  • Live on-line training or web-based workshops

  • RFQ:  212675

  • Commodity Code:  611430

  • Award Date:  June 2021


North East Independent School District, San Antonio, Texas

Consultant, Speaker, and Program Presenter for Staff Development, Campus Support and Student or Staff Programs VI

  • In-person training

  • Remote coaching and consulting via telephone or video conferencing

  • Everything DiSC personality assessments

  • RFP:  02-20

  • Commodity Code:  611430

  • Award Date:  January 2020

SHRM-GF - Society for Human Resources - Great Falls Chapter

  • Program Speaker

  • Dates:  November 2019

Great Falls College - Montana State University, Human Resources and Student Services

Everything DiSC Workplace Assessments and Training

  • In-person workshop

  • Date:  July 2019

SHRM-Helena - Society for Human Resources - Helena Chapter

  • Program Speaker

  • Dates:  November 2018

Great Falls College - Montana State University, Life Long Learning Program

Professional Development Courses

  • In-person, virtual, and hybrid courses

  • Dates:  ongoing


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