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Keynote Speaking

When you want a speaker for your next conference that speaks from the heart, shares experiences and stories, and has a slightly warped sense of humor, Deborah Jenkins is the perfect 'edutainer' for you.  She structures her presentations with your audience in mind so that they are relevant, educational, and entertaining.  She enjoys all audiences but especially resonates well with leadership teams and human resource professionals.   Whether speaking in-person or remotely via video conferencing, she projects engagement, motivation, and action from her personable approach.  Some of her featured keynotes include:

  1. Business Leaders Blues - It's Not All Roses

  2. Cool Your Jets - Tricks to Staying Calm

  3. Euphoria - Hiring Outside the Expected Box

  4. HR Matchmaker - Staffing Struggles are Real

  5. HR Unmasked - The Many Different Layers of HR

  6. Hurdles - Tackle them Head-on

  7. PEKs - Behavioral Cornerstone


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Deborah Jenkins, HR Solutions owner, leadership consultant, and keynote speaker
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