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Productive Conflict – Overpowering

The Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Reference Guide looks at how overpowering is played out during conflict. This is what it says:

“Overpowering involves drawing on all the sources of power at our disposal to defeat someone during a conflict. Sometimes that power is social or organizational authority, but sometimes it’s simply using the force of a strong, vocal personality. Overpowering deliberately keeps others off balance and attempts to eliminate the possibility of a fair, even-handed discussion. In this regard, domineering behavior overrides logic, objectivity, and personal rights when resolving a dispute. This strategy is particularly tempting when we are overcome by a strong, almost primal, urge to “win” the conflict. Ask yourself: Is this a fair discussion and am I being logical, objective, and respectful?”

Sometimes it feels like the loudest and most aggressive people win. But do they?? Are those that have the greatest influence upon others and have the largest social circle guaranteed to triumph in all circumstances? When we let overpowering people get to us and throw us ‘off balance’ like this reference guide suggests can happen, we have little chance to prevail. When I step back and look at situations where overpowering attempts have been made around me, it has the appearance of desperation to grasp at whatever means possible to try and win in the conflict. When logic, facts, and diplomacy don’t support our case, overpowering is another option to try and grab onto. Yes, I admit that I have been guilty of this type of behavior. Have you?

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