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Training Topics in Demand

Over the last 2.5 years, I have delivered over 100 training presentations to various audiences. Some have been in-person conferences, workshops, and team trainings while many have been through remote webinar venues. I was curious to see what topics have been the most priority for people lately, so I ran a tally. Here is what I found. Between 11/5/2020 and 3/9/2023, I have offered 103 trainings, with thousands of global attendees, covering these topics in order of demand.

# of Trainings Topic

24 Rookie Supervisor Bootcamp – Operation S.T.A.R.T.

11 Human Resources Management 101 – Basic Overview

9 Performance Reviews – Conversations, Feedback, and Goal Setting

7 DiSC® Diversity: 4 Types of People – Managing Diverse Personalities

6 Public Speaking Skills for the Workplace – Say it Out Loud

6 Conflict Resolution – Prevent, De-escalate, Resolve

5 HR Recordkeeping Pt 1: Employee Individual Files – Love Paperwork

5 Staffing Strategies – Recruit, Interview, and Hire Successfully

4 Leading by Example – Mindful Leadership by Walking the Talk

4 Corporate Culture – Creating a Positive and Mindful Workplace Culture

3 Critical Thinking Skills – Engaging the Brain

3 Managing Your Employees – From Stress to Success

3 HR Recordkeeping Pt 2: HR Batch Files – Does the Paperwork End?

2 Change isn’t a @#$% Letter Word – Become an Agile Pivot Master

2 Motivating Your Team – BRUHA Approach

2 Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in the Workplace – Celebrate Uniqueness

2 Communication Skills – Impactful Vocal, Written, and Body Language

1 Harassment in the Workplace Pt 1: Sexual – Prevent Crossing that Line

1 Multi-Generational Workforce – Teamwork, Mentorship, and Succession

1 Time Management – Forethought, Preparation, Practice

1 DiSC® Workplace – Working Better Together

1 DiSC® Management – Balance Your Team with Diverse Strengths

Although the supervisor training that continues to be in full throttle demand is one that I expected, the rest surprised me somewhat. Because we have been experiencing such a workforce shortage, I anticipated that the Staffing Strategies would be number one in demand instead of in the middle of the lineup. Giving it further thought, I can understand better. After seeing so many new supervisors and new human resource professionals trying to navigate their new roles, I can now understand that these two occupations are also short staffed yet hold the bulk responsibility for staffing. Filling and training these priority roles before you can tackle other positions needs to happen.

All of these presentations have content that ties in from one topic into the next and blends common positive, optimistic, and strength-focused themes. Out of these listed topics, which ones jump out at you as a priority focus for you and your teams? Additional topic ideas can be found on my website at HR Solutions Services | Training and Development (

Contact me HR Solutions | Contact Us ( if you would like my assistance in bringing these valuable workforce training and leadership development tools to you.

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