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Rebooting: Re-energizing your mind and body

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

We all have experienced the unexpected computer crash or power outage, and I bet most of us survived these turn of events. For me, on many occasions, while I have waited for my computer to reboot, I have learned to patiently pause, flexibly adjust, and strategically realign. As the world struggles today with massive change of directions due to contagious illnesses, it feels very much the same as having to reboot your computer.

By finding opportunity in change of plans, we can shift our focus to our set-asides that have been neglected. Even though we have placed projects or tasks on the back burner, it doesn't mean they are removed from our minds. Taking this time to do essential 'house-keeping' tasks like organizing, filing, and cleaning helps reboot our brains to function more smoothly, without the cluttered back burner on our mind. It opens room in our prefrontal cortex, the brain region involved in planning complex cognitive behavior, personality expression, decision making, and moderating social behavior. This allows us to reassess goals and priorities, tap into our creativity, and better manage our emotions and behaviors.

Another event that is often put off until we 'get a minute' is interpersonal relationship building. When was the last time you purposefully stepped away from your work station to walk over and greet another with a friendly "Hello, how are you?" I recall many times that others have done this for me and it completely defused my frustration and anxiety. My friend and prior co-worker, Roy, was my saving grace with his approach of regularly stepping out to connect with not only me but also his team. You never know what a difference you can make with such simple efforts.

And last but certainly not least, 'down time' gives us a chance to find moments to tend to our own health and well-being. Get some fresh air and sunshine, take a short walk, stretch your body, read an article, drink some water, and just sit and be still. Can you imagine how good you would feel if you could work these simple actions into your daily routine.

During reboot times, try shifting your thinking and recognize the gift of both a technical and a social temporary disconnect, so to speak. Whether we are pausing to reboot our computers, mending from an illness, or rescheduling an event, make the most of it and great results will come of it.

What is your plan to stay engaged, productive, and ready to go when everything is back 'on line'? What are you doing to ensure your employees are doing the same thing? Lessons can be learned from research done for return-to-work programs when an employee is recovering from an injury or illness, work related or not. If you or your employees are struggling with the reboot and would like my assistance, please contact me.

Have a blessed day.

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