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Company Statements: Vision, Values, and Mission

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Do you have a Mission Statement? Vision Statement? Values Statement? Combination MVV Statement? What advice do you have for those that are developing theirs? My suggestions are:

Whether you are independent or part of a leadership team, start with listing your values and narrow them down to the top 3-5 that everyone on your team can relate and commit to. Personal values should tie right into your business values and be evident in the mission and vision statements. As example, our top values include respect, honesty, inclusion, and empathy.

Secondly, line out your mission in one simple sentence that explains why you are in business. It may take writing a number of sentences and narrowing it down to the primary purpose of you company. As example, our mission is to help business leaders navigate through their workforce challenges.

Thirdly, think about what your want your business to accomplish for the future. What do you envision the outcome of accomplishing your mission to look like? As example, our vision is that everyone's individual growth, workplace relations, and collaborations continually progress and achieve enjoyable, successful and profitable results.

Next, proudly display your statements on your website, in your employee handbook, and on the walls of your organization. Doing so will clarify intentions, inspire commitment, and help hold your team accountable.

Finally, review, revise if necessary, and repeat often, or at least annually. All well planned out intentions can shift over time, or need minor revisions. Don't be afraid to tweak these statements, and then communicate any changes to ensure there is company-wide understanding and support.

Happy brain-storming for your Mission, Vision, and Values Statements!

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