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Quiet Quitters

What’s a Quiet Quitter? Do you have any working for you? Are you one?

A Quiet Quitter is someone that instead of quitting, they only do the minimum or less than what they are paid for. According to a recent article written by Medora Lee and published in USA TODAY:

· 21% of workers said they only do the minimum

· 5% do even less than what they’re paid to do

· 33% of them do less than half

There was a day when low producers like this would be rapidly replaced. When asked if they were worried about getting fired, 52% of those working less said their employer has 'definitely' or 'probably' noticed, but they [quiet quitters] don’t care. It seems that the risk of getting fired isn’t motivating them to change their work behavior.

Source: 8/17/2022, survey of 1,000 Americans

The results are being felt by both employers and consumers. An obvious assumption is that this lack of enthusiasm from Quiet Quitters is affecting business production and the bottom line. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics data from Q2, 2022, “productivity fell at a 4.6% annualized rate. That comes on the heels of the first quarter’s 7.4% plunge, the sharpest decline in 74 years.” With production shrinking yet continuing to have the labor costs, businesses are forced to do something to keep thriving. One now common practice is termed “shrinkflation”. This is the practice of keeping the price constant while reducing the quantity of the product or service. Market Realist listed 8 products that got smaller this year:

1. Chobani yogurt. In 2014, single-serving containers were reduced from 6 ounces to 5.3 oz., and now in 2022, down to 4.5 oz.

2. Kleenex facial tissue. Reduction of 65 to 60 tissues per box.

3. Bounty paper towels. Sheets are now thinner and smaller, with each roll reduced by about 2 feet.

4. Gatorade sport drink. Shrunk from 32 oz to 28 oz.

5. Old El Paso taco seasoning. Reduced from 28g to 24g.

6. Folger’s coffee. Decreased from 51 oz to 43.5 oz.

7. Domino’s wings. Two fewer pieces and smaller.

8. Royal Canin cat food. Can size reduced from 5.8 oz to 5.1 oz, AND price raised.

While having lackadaisical workers is nothing new, employers’ responses to these behaviors have. Giving these slackers a trending name of Quiet Quitter isn’t going to change the fact that something can be done. When employers prioritize employee engagement, motivation, and other critical retention items, employees will naturally perform to their potential. And those that don’t, it would behoove the employer to consider replacement. Let’s take the steps needed to eliminate “Quiet Quitters” and reduce “Shrinkflation”.

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