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Happy New Year - a time for new beginnings

1/1/2022: Every year, I can't wait for January 1st and this year is no exception. For me, it is a time for starting the year on a fresh page, making plans and setting goals, and getting organized for the year to come. All this doesn't happen for me in one day but it is my mindset that by having closed out the past year I now am able to move forward with renewed enthusiasm, creativity, and ambition.

I don't have any firm traditions for New Year's Day. Some people like to participate in the "Polar Bear Plunge", which is usually a fundraising event. Some watch one of the many parades that are held around the world, such as Pasadena's Tournament of Roses Parade. There are also those that go for a "first day hike" in one of our state parks. In Ireland, New Year's Day was called Lá na gCeapairí, or the day of the buttered bread. A possible meaning to the consumption of buttered bread was to ward off hunger and famine in the coming year, by placing the buttered bread on the doorstep in the morning. Some traditions saw parties of young people calling from house to house to receive buttered bread and occasionally Poitín, or to give out buttered bread in exchange for pennies. This tradition has since died out, having been popular in the 19th century, and waning in the 1930s and 1940s", According to New Year's Day - Wikipedia,

I think my new tradition for January 1st will be to grab a box and fill it with items that I no longer want or need and donate it to one of our local non-profit thrift stores like Salvation Army or Easterseals Goodwill. What is your plan?

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