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Changes to Your Life

Have you listened to: Tony Robbins - Change your life in 2021 - YouTube ? If you want some inspiration to make those positive changes that you have been putting off, listen in to this talk today. I gained so many takeaways but will only share a few as food for thought.

  • Identify specifically what it is that you want to change, personally or professionally.

  • Review what rituals that you do that has kept you in the rut you want to change.

  • Define the vision of what it will look like when you make the change you desire.

  • Incorporate new rituals that will help you achieve the your new change.

This takes desire, determination, and discipline. Consider your job. Are you content and happy with the role you have? Or do you want to increase your skills, knowledge and abilities? Or are you ready for a career change? Go through the four steps to identify, review, define, and incorporate the positive and progressive change you choose. Initiating change is not easy, but it produces reward and will create momentum for the next progressive move.

Tony mentions that we can either suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret. It is our choice. What will you choose?

Enjoy your journey and have a blessed day!



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