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Another Look: Advice for Leaders

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

I planted some flower seeds this spring but did not pay much attention to what kind (I wish I had.) I faithfully watered the flower pot every day and watched in eager anticipation for the flowers to bloom. Now, late August, one lone flower finally emerged and opened. Honestly, it was a pitiful display of beauty when I first saw it. I felt like it has been a waste of my time to plant, water, and wait on to only get one measly little bloom. It was not until the next day, when I decided to give it another chance and take another look that I saw the amazingly intricate detail and unique features. I am in awe at how this flower has developed and continues to evolve. I also now notice a few more flowers following this one’s lead and am so glad that I did not give up in disappointment.

You may not be a gardener, but if you have ever supervised a new staff member, I bet you can relate. You see potential in someone, so you place them in a suitable environment to spotlight their strengths, you give them the tools to succeed, you guide them along and patiently await to see their progress. When it does not look like they will meet your expectations in the timing that you planned on, don't give up so soon. I encourage you to take another look. You may need to view them from another angle or in a different state of mind, but you just may see a different strength and attribute that can be further refined and become beneficial to your mission. You saw potential in them in the first place and invested your time and efforts to this point so why not just give them another look.

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