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Have you gotten your PEKs today? Everyone needs and deserves PEKs regularly. If you haven’t gotten your PEKs lately, it is likely that you have not given out any PEKs. The best bet to receive is to practice giving, and this absolutely applies to PEKs.

What are PEKs, you ask? Let me tell you.




PEKs are especially important now with the world in a state of chaos. If you have experienced any stress, you can bet others have too. Consider the interactions you have had lately and what were your thoughts, feelings, and reactions? Have you found yourself thinking or saying things like “What is the holdup?” “The person in front of me is slow as molasses!” “How many more times do I need to tell him this?” “He’s so lazy and unmotivated!” “Come on, kick it into gear!” “He is dumb as a box of rocks!” “What were they thinking?” And this list could go on and on.

What would happen if you took a step back and paused to think about what they may be going through? Could that slowpoke in front of you at a checkout line be struggling with feeling ill? What if the person that is distracted and looking at their phone is because they just got a text to let them know their loved one was just injured? Do you think it is possible that the clerk that is assisting you has been working mega hours to cover for co-workers that have been having to stay home sick? Maybe the customer that didn’t tip you enough is experiencing financial difficulties?

Everyone has their own monkeys on their back that we don’t know about. If we can consider that others are just humans, the same as we are, it will give us all the chance to give out PEKs left and right, and likewise, get our much-appreciated PEKs in return. So go now and PEK away!

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