Looking to develop your workforce and leadership team but not sure where to turn?  We are here to help you.  Whether you need leadership development, company-wide compliance training, soft skills development, team building events, or motivational speaking engagements,  all presentations are customized for your specific objectives and outcome needs, designed for an audience of any size and dynamic, and developed to satisfy your time line.  As an Authorized Everything DiSC Partner and Trainer, we also can incorporate these valuable assessment tools for a perfect combination of individualized, relatable, and insightful content resulting in a positive and lasting impact.

To meet your needs, we offer three means for trainings:

1.  In-Person.  Instructor-led sessions provided at your business location or at an outside venue.

2.  Live Webinar.  Sessions also allow for live-time participant interaction.

3.  Recorded Videos.  Convenient for participants to view at their convenience. 

Training Topics

  • Business Ethics – Define it or Let it be Defined

  • Change Management – Become an Agile Pilot Master

  • Communications - Effective and Efficient Methods

  • Corporate Culture - Establishing and Inspiring

  • Critical Thinking Skills – Engaging the Brain

  • Customer Service Skills – External and Internal Clients

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace – Celebrating Uniqueness - Purchase this video 

  • Everything DiSC Solutions - Understanding and Utilizing Personality Strengths

  • Harassment in the Workplace – Sex, Discriminatory and Bullying

  • Leadership by Example – Setting the Pace

  • Multi-Generational Workforce-Come Together as One Big Happy Family

  • Organizational and Employee Development – Looking to the Future

  • Public Speaking Skills for the Work Place – Say it Out Loud

  • Relations in the Workplace – Managing for Healthy Conflict Resolutions

  • Rookie Supervisor Bootcamp  – Just S.T.A.R.T

  • Staffing Strategies – Recruit, Hire and Retain Wisely

  • Team Building – Strengthen the Chain

  • Time Management – It’s all about Forethought, Preparation, Practice

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