Deborah Jenkins, HR Solutions owner, human resource consultant, leadership and executive coach, event facilitator






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Event Facilitation

Human Resource Consulting, Leadership Coaching, & Facilitation 

Assisting you to Lead the Way

In order to best serve our clients, HRS focuses on the understanding of human nature and how the brain is wired, utilizes strength focused thinking, and promotes positivity  to provide positive and lasting results for our clients.  Whether you are looking for compliance information, ideas from business best practices, motivational plans to ignite your workforce, individual coaching for a leader struggling with an issue, meeting or event facilitation, or succession planning, we provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation, coaching session, or event facilitation.  

Expert Guidance

With over twenty years of relevant and well-rounded business experience,  knowledge, and proven leadership abilities, we can guide your business through the choppy  waters of human resource management.  We combine our insights and skills to help you transform your HR processes and strategies, and in turn your company.  Let us help you with best practices, compliance questions, and lean process ideas so that you can focus your leadership energies on building your business. 

Achieve Your Goals

Professional development begins at the top.  Is your leadership team continually improving their skills to lead your teams to success?  Through both  one-on-one coaching  and leadership team coaching, we provide structured, personalized, and well-rounded tools to help with your leadership development progression.  

Grow your Business

We have the capabilities and expertise to help take your business to the next level by freeing you up to focus your energies on your goals at hand.  Let us help you by facilitating a well organized, structured, and smooth flowing meeting or event that will assure timeliness, inclusion, and adherence to your established ground rules.  We’re proud to help our clients shape, improve, and   manage their business.